Welcome to The Endeavor

Take cover.

Prisoners of War and Missing in Action are still crossing American borders.  There, I addressed the elephant in the room.  Now back to our regular broadcasting, America [A Bill Hicks joke goes here.].

Welcome to Village Stability Platform United States of America (VSP USA).  Welcome to American Village Stability Operations (VSO).

“Grab your kit, and LOAD your shit.  We’re going to war.” -Sheriff E-L-Fucking-I

[Literally any FinKone quote may go here.  I shall literally take a bullet for both of the aforementioned sheriff’s deputies. Support our law enforcers, and support our veterans.  Full Stop.  How copy? Over.]

I am my own representation, but I am and will forever do my best to be every American girl’s Senior Battle Buddy.
Endeavors to Success, as performed by Loud Speaker 6 Actual…Wait. Out.

ACU for OEF XIX 2012
(Anarchy Company, 9th Military Information Support Battalion [Airborne], US Army Special Operations Command [USASOC], Fort Bragg, NC, summer 2012.  A few weeks before my second consecutive deployment to the CENTCOM AOR, and third tour OCONUS.  If you would like to experience the actions of 1st Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division before, during, and after the Battle of The Bulge, please send me a message.

My favorite movie character is James Cameron’s original Kyle Reese.


(My war experiences summed up in one picture. Village Stability Platform Ghorak, Ghorak District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, fall 2012.  Different paragraph, different target audience, end quote.)

(September 11th, 2016; still standing strong on the tenth year anniversary of swearing my Oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.)

(Little Group of Paratroopers.  Bike Night at Quaker Steak & Lube, September 2017.)

(Belfry, Montana.  December 2017. Photo Credit: John Abshire, Creative Director, Tinker Pilot, https://www.tinkerpilot.com/)

(February 2018.  Hard times out at the Checkpoint that still exists in my head.)

Jesus Revezzo My Systema Instructor
(August 2018.  Tribe.)

(August 2018.  Security, Governance…)

Gig Line Tho
(August 2018. …Development.)

(American Village Stability Operations at a glance, September 2018.  Carrying out VFW Post 10093 Post Veteran Service Officer duties alongside fellow Army veteran and Gold Star Mother Annette M. Kirk.  At the time of writing this caption, Mrs. Kirk is the President of American Gold Star Mothers, Department of Florida & Puerto Rico.  She is the mother of Private First Class Paul O. Cuzzupe II who was Killed in Action on August 8th, 2010 in Akhtar Mohammad Khan, Afghanistan.  We were some of the first people to be officially informed by the Governor of Florida, in an official proclamation, that September is now the official time each year in Florida to recognize Gold Star Families.  For more information on the mission of Gold Star Mothers, Gold Star Fathers, and Gold Star Families, begin your journey at www.goldstarmoms.com , www.goldstarfathersofflorida.org , and www.goldstarfamilies.com)

(October 2018.  Back at the Checkpoint in my head.  Things always get really rough and lonely in the winter time.)

WIN_20181025_22_21_23_Pro (2)
(October 2018.  Internal complacency kills.)

RSCN1200 (2)
(November 2018.  Wake up.)

(December 2018.  Stand To.)

(December 2018. Get back in the fight.)

(December 2018.  Win The Mind, Win The Day.)

Train Like You Fight
(December 2018.)

The Spirit of Dermot 'Pat' O'Neill Touch Up
(December 2018. A living history portrayal of Dermot “Pat” O’Neill of the First Special Service Force in the summer of 1943.

Anti-Leftist, Irishman, perpetual street cop, martial arts master, and US Army Captain assigned to the First Special Service Force, Pat O’Neill served, among other things, as a Force Headquarters intelligence officer, Force Headquarters psychological warfare officer, Force Headquarters Close Quarters Combat instructor, and  what could be described today as the commander of the Personal Security Detail for the commander of the First Special Service Force.  Captain O’Neill was awarded his American citizenship in the combat zone in Italy in 1944.)

The Spirit of The FSSF Visits Fort Valor
(December 2018.  See more at www.fortvalor.org)

Trooper (2)
(January 2019. A living history portrayal of a US Army Paratrooper prior to the Army’s transition to the use of the M1942 jumpsuit, and the M1C and M2 steel Airborne combat helmets.)

seersucker bedouin keffiya army medals wwii jump boots (2)
(January 2019.  First, please allow me to give an honorable mentioned to the Hillsborough Country Sheriff’s Office, and the Tampa Police Department SWAT Team.  Your sacrifices will not fade away in vain, so long as I can voice my own opinion.

To my fellow veterans, especially those who have sacrificed more than I have: I never forget that the culture war is all around us.  The war is a sort of new American civil war, revolutionary war, psychological war, and foreign war all wrapped into one big conflict, right here on American soil.  Every day, with the added nature of information being sent and received at the speed of light clear across the planet at the touch of a finger, this war becomes even more obvious, no matter how much someone wishes to deny it, or shame you for noticing.

Unhinged men and women alike will ambush you, even in seemingly normal conversation.  They will do it when sober, they will do it when drunk.  They will forget they are talking to a human being with a conscience, and if you push back in any way, there’s a chance that they will use everything in their power, even mere words, in an attempt to bring judgment, violence, and punishment upon you, usually by proxy via an unwitting third party.

Always be ready to stand your ground, and never forget who you are, or what you sacrificed for your country along with your brothers and sisters in arms.  Don’t ever let these people take that from you, and never let them bring you pain or sorrow for your patriotism.  Too many of us have been mortally maimed, and even killed.  Many still take their own lives every day through suicide, having lost the fight against their own inner demons.  Suit up, and wear your medals with honor, even if it is just your National Defense Service Medal.  You earned it.

With every new generation, it seems like American veterans have become an even rarer, dying breed tasked with holding onto and defending the legacies of previous American generations.

So with that in mind, I ask that you never feel ashamed or discouraged if your mode of dress or behavior that expresses that patriotism seems outlandish, counterproductive, or altogether misplaced in the eyes of an ignorant, rootless generation of people who seem to be okay with the dismantlement of our great country.

Just because there were less Roman Centurions standing at the city walls of Rome with each passing generation, it didn’t make their service or sacrifice any less real or necessary.

So it was for a republic that fell to despotism by the time Arminius broke the Germans away from it, and so it is for the United States of America, a country surrounded on all sides and from within by a despotism and enemies that a Roman citizen, and Arminius, could only begin to imagine. -EJH)

(March 2019. A living history portrayal of Colonel Robert Tryon Frederick in the spring and summer of 1943.  Frederick was the creator and commander of the First Special Service Force “Devil’s Brigade.”)

(This man is the real legend himself.  Most Americans and citizens of the free world have probably never heard of [be sure to read that again in a tone oozing with deep ANTI-Hipster sentiments].  He is: Major General Robert Tryon Frederick of San Francisco, California.

An 8 time Purple Heart recipient and 2 time Distinguished Service Cross Recipient, serving by, with, and through soldiers under his command, Robert Frederick was the creator of the unprecedented First Special Service Force, the adopting commander of the survivors of the Darby’s Rangers at Anzio, the overall commander of the unprecedented 1st Airborne Task Force, the commander of the 45th Infantry Division,  the Liberator of Dachau Concentration Camp, the Liberator of Rome, the Liberator of the city of Nuremberg, and the Liberator of the King of Norway, among other arguably immortal accomplishments that include: the Liberator of Hitler’s Austria during the official Soviet occupation that began immediately following VJ Day.

West Point graduate, career soldier, leader, brother, father, grandfather, and husband, Robert T. Frederick was the Force Multiplier credited with being one of the first General Officers to demand the military’s movement toward a fully racially and sexually integrated fighting force for greater combat effectiveness.

A staunch anti-Communist on order, and anti-Leftist by choice, Frederick is one of the Founding Fathers of all known modern American and Canadian Special Operations Forces [SOF].

Frederick’s legacy lives on today in the heart and soul of every American and Canadian Special Operations Forces service member and veteran who answered the call to wear the SOF uniform.

I am constantly humbled and inspired when learning about and telling the story of this man, and the stories of other First Special Service Force Forcemen.

Coincidentally, many of the original members of the Devil’s Brigade openly and humbly admitted that they were not the best behaved young men, and in this weird modern day society that seems to be getting weirder and weirder, some of them might not even be fit for military service.  The coincidence is that most of us reading this right now would not be fit for service in the First Special Service Force.

HOWEVER, we may still owe a debt of gratitude to them, as well as the enemies they fought; for these Americans learned hard lessons about war that were earned in blood, death, and moments of primitive close quarters combat under some of the worst living conditions that most of us can only begin to imagine.

These men learned these lessons: first as men assigned to the First Special Service Force in World War Two; for some of them, they would continue to learn and at times teach these lessons in other military vocations during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

If you can come away from this short, absolutely free history lesson with only one thing, I would ask that that one thing be that you never forget the story of these men, and the enemies they fought.

To learn more about this man, the men with whom he served, and their surviving families, friends, and greater communities, please visit:


image1 (2)
(March 2019. Presence patrols.  I found the Gray Man in The Room.  He is still alive.  P.S. I think women might hate cargo pants because they know we want to go do Gladiator shit with the boys.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I probably read too much Wenn alle Brüder schweigen.)

Tampa Bay Sports Massage
(March 2019.  Objective Rally Points.)

JD and E 30 Mar 2019
(March 2019.  Actions on The Objective.

“Built For The X.”  www.first-spear.com)

The First Spear
(March 2019.  Violence of Action? Intelligence of inactionI brought a swagger stick to a gunfight.)

DSC_9732 (2)
(April 2019. The swagger stick grew a few inches.)

DSC_9721 (2)
(April 2019, the De Soto National Memorial.)

For Amanda Doyle
One if by land,
two if by sea,
General Gage’s armies
might not affect me,
that was the end of
The Poem.
-EJH, 0600 hours local, Thursday, 18 July 2019

De Soto Bradenton Parade April 2019 (2)
(April 2019, Veterans Appreciation Parade, Bradenton, Florida. I was wearing a US National Park Service Volunteer uniform, and my fellow veteran next to me, a veteran of the US Navy, was portraying a heavily tattered, exhausted, but unaffected, unwavering Union Army Captain fighting with his unit so as not to be overran and slaughtered by the enemy. “Welcome to the De Soto National Memorial, ladies and gentlemen.  How may we be at your service today?”)

(Viva los Chupacabras.)

(For my brothers and sisters who cannot be with me right now.)

(For my brothers and sisters who can be with us, even in spirit.)

(For our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and anyone else we may lose, who we may only meet again in Valhalla, we guard the Missing Man Table.) An example of a post-deployment LGOP“Hey, Airborne?  Welcome Home, YOU *knife hand*”).

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 1
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day, 13 June 2019.)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 2
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day, 13 June 2019.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 3
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day, 13 June 2019.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 4
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day, 13 June 2019.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

20190615_183601 (2)
(Jera’s good harvest has begun, 15 June 2019.)

Fair Maidens
(28 June, 2019. Valhalla, and a cause to get behind.)

(29 June, 2019, a personal yearning that I finally fulfilled: creating a watercolor painting in earnest for the first time in about 25 years.
Mentoring provided by: Kara Voorhees Reynolds https://www.artbykaravoorheesreynolds.com/
Photo credit: Amanda Doyle of The Paper Seahorse, Tampa, FL https://www.paperseahorse.com/)

Dagger Town B and W - Copy
(29 June, 2019.  “Good Morning From Dagger Town” Copyright E. Julius Hauser.  High definition color prints will be available for sale in the future.  A warm thanks to Andrew J. Wilson, Dagger Magazine contributor, and creator of the Dagger Town Wild West Fantasy universe.

(04 July 2019. This and other watercolor studies from the Second World War are coming very soon.  Thank you.  Happy Independence Day. -EJH)

MSG George E Durham 1
(Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.)

MSG George E Durham 2
(Thursday, 18 July 2019, 0530 hours: current project.  Please be respectful with this information.  It would mean a lot to many people.  Thank you. -EJH  P.S. Sorry I missed all of the the unnecessary tests today.  If you only knew what you had been missing outside the wire.  Oh, and STOP PUSHING PILLS.  Not everything said by the President of The United States is cannon fodder for the information war.)

“Wie der Gärtner so der Garten.” -GERMANIC proverb

“DONT TREAD ON ME.” -Christopher Gadsden, Esek Hopkins, James Alan Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Nicholas Lofton Hexum, Aaron Wills, Doug Martinez, Granger Kelly Smith, Aaron Lewis, Owen Benjamin, et alia

This is not a “manifesto.”  It is art: the art of leisure, of brotherhood, and the art of American business.

Mostly, it’s just art, but do not ever expect me to call myself an artist. Thank you.