Welcome to The Endeavor

Welcome, to Village Stability Platform America. Human spam goes in the burnpit. Talk to your Senior about the Base Defense Plan. Maintain positive control of your weapon systems at all times, to include that thing in your head called a brain. Keep the generators fueled. Keep the radio net open. Surf and Turf Dinners are on Fridays. Maintain your five points of contact at all times.  Remember your Warrior Ethos.  Chant The Soldier’s Creed.  Aspire to embody the Non Commissioned Officer’s Creed.  Don’t flashbang the kids.  Every human encounter is a potential ambush.

Put people like me in a Village, and we will facilitate Stability, one Operation at a time.  Welcome to Village Stability Operations.

I am my own representation.
Endeavors to Success.

ACU for OEF XIX 2012
(Anarchy Company, 9th Military Information Support Battalion, Airborne, Fort Bragg, NC, summer 2012, a few weeks before my second consecutive deployment to the CENTCOM AOR, and third tour OCONUS.)

(My war experiences summed up in one picture. Village Stability Platform Ghorak, Ghorak District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, fall 2012.)

(September 11th, 2016; still standing strong on the tenth year anniversary of swearing my Oath.)

(Little Group of Paratroopers.  Bike Night at Quaker Steak & Lube, September 2017.)

(February 2018.  Hard times out at the Checkpoint that still exists in my head.)

Jesus Revezzo My Systema Instructor
(August 2018.  Tribe.)

(August 2018.  Security, Governance…)

Gig Line Tho
(August 2018. …Development.)

(September 2018.  Stability.)

(October 2018.  Back at the Checkpoint in my head.)

WIN_20181025_22_21_23_Pro (2)
(October 2018.  Internal complacency kills.)

RSCN1200 (2)
(November 2018.  So stay awake, …)

(December 2018. …and Stand To, …)

(December 2018. …because it’s still a real war out there.)

(December 2018.  One of the first battles for Victory starts with the mind.)

Train Like You Fight
(December 2018. …and the body…)

The Spirit of Dermot 'Pat' O'Neill Touch Up
(December 2018. …for the good of self, family, and community.)

The Spirit of The FSSF Visits Fort Valor
(December 2018.  Always be ready…)

Trooper (2)
(January 2019.  …if possible, always be ready to get thrown out of a plane, and be ready to defend yourself and defend others with your bare hands.)

seersucker bedouin keffiya army medals wwii jump boots (2)
(January 2019.  Because there is still a war out there…)

(March 2019. …to include war on American soil…)

image1 (2)
(March 2019. …our homeland warriors are out there in the struggle, taking hits for all of us….)

Tampa Bay Sports Massage
(March 2019.  …and good people are still out there, ready to receive the warriors with open arms…)

JD and E 30 Mar 2019
(March 2019.  …so do your best to never forget that…)

The First Spear
(March 2019.  …ever.)

DSC_9732 (2)
(April 2019. “Conquer and enjoy.” -Coach)

DSC_9721 (2)
(April 2019.)

De Soto Bradenton Parade April 2019 (2)
(April 2019.)

(Viva los Chupacabras.)

(For my brothers and sisters who cannot be with me right now.)

(For my brothers and sisters who can, even in spirit, be with us.)

(For our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and anyone else we may lose, who we may only meet again in Valhalla.) An example of a post-deployment LGOP, and a volunteer (kneeling) volunteering for the position of VFW Post Chaplain, if necessary (visual training aide; full public release authorized.  Welcome Home, YOU *knife hand*).

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 1
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, 13 June 2019.)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 2
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, 13 June 2019.)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 3
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, 13 June 2019.)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 4
(6th Annual National Seersucker Day, 13 June 2019.)

20190615_183601 (2)
(Jera’s good harvest, 15 June 2019.)

“Wie der Gärtner so der Garten.” -German proverb

“DONT TREAD ON ME.” -Christopher Gadsden, Esek Hopkins, James Alan Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Nicholas Lofton Hexum, Aaron Wills, Doug Martinez, Granger Kelly Smith, Aaron Lewis, Owen Benjamin, et alia

This is not a “manifesto.”  It is art: the art of leisure, of brotherhood, and the art of American business.  Thank you.