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Established 24 September 2014 during the first full day of civilian life after my career in the United States Army: Endeavors to Success, or ETS for short, is one American military veteran’s answer to the blatantly obvious instability that’s being choreographed all across America.


LGOPs Rules

Rhetorical, Interrogative: What happens when these same Paratroopers aren’t 19 anymore?  What happens when they come home and enter civilian life?  What happens when they are scattered farther away from the Drop Zone than ever before?  What happens when the ability to form an LGOP has been greatly reduced, sometimes deliberately by people in their own homeland?

ACU for OEF XIX 2012
(Summer 2012.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.)

(Fall 2012.  Afghanistan.  Again.)

(Patriot Day, September 11th, 2016. Standing strong on the tenth year anniversary of swearing my Oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, on September 11th, 2006.)

(September 2017.  Little Group of Paratroopers.  Bike Night at Quaker Steak & Lube.)

(December 2017.  Belfry, Montana.  Photo Credit: John Abshire, Creative Director, Tinker Pilot:
Tinker Pilot)

(February 2018.  Pain.)

Jesus Revezzo My Systema Instructor
(August 2018.  Tribe.
Systema North Pinellas)

(August 2018.  Security, Governance…
Saint Mary & Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox Church)

Gig Line Tho
(August 2018. …Development.
Habitat For Humanity of Pinellas County)

(September 2018.  American Village Stability Operations at a glance.  Carrying out VFW Post 10093 Post Veteran Service Officer duties alongside fellow Army veteran and Gold Star Mother Annette M. Kirk.  At the time of writing this caption, Mrs. Kirk is the President of American Gold Star Mothers, Department of Florida & Puerto Rico.  She is the mother of Army Private First Class Paul O. Cuzzupe II who was Killed in Action on 8 August 2010 in Akhtar Mohammad Khan, Afghanistan.

PFC Cuzzupe II was assigned to 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, whose Headquarters at that time was Forward Operation Base Lagman, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

All told, the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment had only been in the combat zone of Afghanistan for a short time before insurgents attacked PFC Cuzzupe’s squadron with an improvised explosive device, or IED.  Just a week before, the Army Medic had rendered aid to an Afghan child who had lost both legs and an arm due to a similar fate.

Military Health Systems Article About The Incident

On 29 September 2018, Mrs. Kirk and I were some of the first people to be officially informed by the Governor of Florida -in an official proclamation- that September is now the official time each year in Florida to recognize Gold Star Families.  For more information on the mission of Gold Star Mothers, Gold Star Fathers, and Gold Star Families, begin your journey at Gold Star Moms , Gold Star Fathers of Florida , and Gold Star Families)

(October 2018.  Pain.)

WIN_20181025_22_21_23_Pro (2)
(October 2018.)

RSCN1200 (2)
(November 2018.)

(December 2018.)

(December 2018.)

(December 2018.  Win The Mind Win The Day.)

Train Like You Fight
(December 2018.  Last Three Feet.)

The Spirit of Dermot 'Pat' O'Neill Touch Up
(December 2018. A living history portrayal of Dermot “Pat” O’Neill of the First Special Service Force in the summer of 1943.

Anti-Leftist, Irishman, perpetual street cop, martial arts master, and US Army Captain assigned to the First Special Service Force, Pat O’Neill served, among other things, as a Force Headquarters intelligence officer, Force Headquarters psychological warfare officer, Force Headquarters Close Quarters Combat instructor, and  what could be described today as the commander of the Personal Security Detail for the commander of the First Special Service Force.  Captain O’Neill was awarded his American citizenship in the combat zone in Italy in 1944.)

The Spirit of The FSSF Visits Fort Valor
(December 2018.  See more at:
Fort Valor

Trooper (2)
(January 2019. A living history portrayal of a US Army Paratrooper prior to the Army’s transition to the use of the M1942 jumpsuit, and the steel Airborne combat helmets.

The Riddell football helmet’s internal design that secures the helmet to the human skull was sanctioned by the National Football League before and during WWII.

The United States military’s use of the Riddell design for combat helmets’ internal components started in WWII, and has continued well into the 21st century.

One can argue that technology developed from American football in its purest form, in conjunction with the National Football League, has saved countless American lives, and the lives of America’s allies, in combat.)

seersucker bedouin keffiya army medals wwii jump boots (2)
(January 2019.  Hillsborough County, Florida.)

(March 2019. A living history portrayal of Colonel Robert Tryon Frederick in the spring and summer of 1943.  Frederick was the creator and commander of the First Special Service Force “Devil’s Brigade.”)

(This man is the real legend himself.  He is: Major General Robert Tryon Frederick of San Francisco, California.

A 2 time Distinguished Service Cross Recipient, a man serving by, with, and through soldiers under his command, and an 8 time Purple Heart recipient which made him the most wounded American serviceman in World War Two, Robert Frederick was:

-the creator of the unprecedented First Special Service Force

-the adopting commander of the survivors of the Darby’s Rangers at Anzio

-the overall commander of the unprecedented 1st Airborne Task Force

-the commander of the 45th Infantry Division at the closing stages of WWII

-the Liberator of Dachau Concentration Camp

-the Liberator of Rome, Italy

-the Liberator of Nuremberg, Germany

-the Liberator of Norway

Among other arguably immortal accomplishments, General Frederick was the guardian angel of Austria during the official Soviet occupation that began immediately following official hostilities after Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day.

Had it not been for Frederick’s presence in the country of Hitler’s birth, the Soviets may have very well raped and pillaged that entire part of the planet back to the Stone Age.

West Point graduate, career soldier, leader, brother, father, grandfather, and husband, Robert T. Frederick was the Force Multiplier credited with being one of the first General Officers to demand the military’s movement toward a fully racially and sexually integrated fighting force for greater combat effectiveness.

Frederick is one of the Founding Fathers of all known modern American and Canadian Special Operations Forces [SOF].

Frederick’s legacy lives on today in the heart and soul of every American and Canadian Special Operations Forces service member and veteran who answered the call to wear the SOF uniform.

I am constantly humbled and inspired when learning about and telling the story of this man, and the stories of other First Special Service Force Forcemen.

Coincidentally, many of the original members of the Devil’s Brigade have openly and humbly admitted that they were not the best behaved young men.  In this weird, modern day society that seems to be getting weirder and weirder, some of them might not even be fit for military service if they were to become young men again.

The coincidence is that most people reading this right now would not have been fit for service in the First Special Service Force back in the summer of 1942.

We may still owe a debt of gratitude to them, as well as the enemies they fought; for these Americans learned hard lessons about war that were earned in blood, death, and moments of primitive close quarters combat under some of the worst living conditions that most of us can only begin to imagine.

These men learned these lessons first in World War Two; for some of them, they would continue to learn and at times teach these lessons in other military vocations during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

If you can come away from this short, absolutely free history lesson with only one thing, I would ask that that one thing be that you never forget the story of these men, and the enemies they fought.

To learn more about this man, the men with whom he served, and their surviving families, friends, and greater communities, please visit:

First Special Service Force Association)

image1 (2)
(March 2019.)

Tampa Bay Sports Massage
(March 2019.  Objective Rally Points.

“We fix broken people.” Tampa Bay Sports Massage)

JD and E 30 Mar 2019
(March 2019.  Actions on The Objective.

“Built For The X.”  First Spear)

The First Spear
(March 2019.)

DSC_9732 (2)
(April 2019.)

DSC_9721 (2)
(April 2019.  De Soto National Memorial Park.)

De Soto Bradenton Parade April 2019 (2)
(April 2019. Veterans Appreciation Parade, Bradenton, Florida. I was wearing a US National Park Service Volunteer uniform, and my fellow veteran next to me, a veteran of the US Navy, was portraying a heavily tattered, exhausted, but unaffected, unwavering Union Army Captain of the 79th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, fighting with his unit so as not to be overran and slaughtered by the enemy.

79th Infantry Regiment History – New York State Military Museum)

(Summer 2012. Viva Los Chupacabras.)

(Summer 2019.  Viva Los Chupacabras.)

(Summer 2019.)

(Summer 2019.  Pictured: an Honorably Discharged L.G.O.P. rallying around the Missing Man Table of VFW Post 10137 in Sumter County, Florida.  “Take a knee, face out, put your weapon into action, and drink water.  Welcome home, Airborne.”

www.army.mil: “Little Group, Big Effects”
Veteran Mental Health: LGOPs
Wings Over Iraq Blog: LGOPs
John Marke’s “The Rules of LGOPs”)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 1
(13 June 2019.  6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day.)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 2
(13 June 2019.  6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

6th Annual National Seersucker Day 3
(13 June 2019.  6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

Take cover.
On 13 June 2019, the total number of America’s military personnel still listed as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action in Vietnam was: 1,588.

(13 June 2019.  6th Annual National Seersucker Day, and 1st Annual National SEREsucker Day.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

20190615_183601 (2)
(15 June 2019.)

Fair Maidens
(28 June, 2019. A cause to get behind.)

(29 June, 2019.
Watercolor techniques taught by:
Kara Voorhees Reynolds www.artbykaravoorheesreynolds.com

Photo credit: Amanda of
The Paper Seahorse, Tampa, FL

Dagger Town B and W - Copy
(29 June, 2019.  “Good Morning From Dagger Town” Copyright E. Julius Hauser.  High definition color prints will be available for sale in the future.  A warm thanks to Andrew J. Wilson, Dagger Magazine contributor, and creator of the Dagger Town Wild West Fantasy universe.

(4 July 2019.)

(3 August, 2019.
Copperplate penmanship techniques taught by:
Marta Llorens Piqueras
Photo credit: Erica of The Paper Seahorse, Tampa, FL

(3 August, 2019. The Pen is the Sword.  The Sword is the Pen.)

Cut 2
(8 August 2019.)

DSCN1583 (2)
(13 August 2019.  The Project continues.
Edward L. Montgomery Obituary)

20190819_121516 (2)
On 19 August 2019, the total number of America’s military personnel still listed as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action in Vietnam was: 1,587.

(19 August, 2019.  Another project continues.  For more information about the POW/MIA Flag, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org)

Meanwhile at OSHA
(25 August, 2019.  Meanwhile, at OSHA training: “not mandatory” tells me everything I need to know about the future, but we already knew this.)

(3 September 2019.)

(7 September 2019. Illy, Ardennes, France, September, 1944.)

9 11
(11 September 2019.

Public Domain Photo Source)

Wie der Gärtner so der Garten.

“Take the good days with the bad, and know that you are not broken…just broken in.”
-Sheriff Eli