Vision Statement

The Vision Statement of Endeavors to Success ©

  1. History
  2. Nature
  3. Liberty’s Endeavors ©


1. History

History will consist of audiovisual representations and narratives of historical events, themes, biographies, locations, and organizations.

2. Nature

Nature will consist of audiovisual representations and narratives of local nature preserves, parks, recreational areas, and places of natural history.

Present throughout the aforementioned will be an emphasis on the argument to visit, enjoy, and aggressively preserve and protect these places for future generations.

3. Liberty’s Endeavors ©

Liberty’s Endeavors © will consist of audiovisual representations and narratives discussing detailed biographies of those who answered the call of American military service, in both war and peace time.

These biographies will cover those individuals’ military and civilian life experiences; if possible, they will conclude with the coverage of their civilian careers, the careers of their next of kin, or both.

The primary effect of Liberty’s Endeavors © will be to showcase how American liberty is defended throughout the history of the United States of America, and what its defenders and their families have gone on to do with that guaranteed American liberty made possible by each veteran’s individual service.

A secondary effect of Liberty’s Endeavors © will be to provide a program that will include assistance that is additional to whatever the U.S. government and other organizations have made available for the veterans, their families, and their communities.  The purposes of this program will include, but are not limited to healthcare assistance, deathcare assistance, burial and honor arrangement assistance, survivor benefits assistance, memorial services assistance, and memorial, museum, and monument activities assistance.  Even if it is something as simple as helping a veteran or their family reach the right person or organization that can assist them in a time of need, those who make Liberty’s Endeavors © possible will make themselves available to do this whenever they are able.

Liberty’s Endeavors © will be a legacy project that will likewise have its epicenter and catalyst in Safety Harbor, Florida, but it will have a global coverage in order to reach all American veterans and their families effectively.

Liberty’s Endeavors © shall begin with The Original Endeavor of Endeavors to Success, a project that highlights the expressive nature of the founder of this project, characterizing what he has done and continues to do with his own freedom that he defended.


E. Julius Hauser
Founder of S.H.I. and S.H.I.

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