Notes From The Hospital, 27 April 2018

The Original Endeavor of Endeavors to Success©

Notes From The Hospital
[Or: An Open Letter to The Fighting Aged Males & Military Aged Males of Safety Harbor & Pinellas County, Florida]

Page One
Countryside (Mease) Hospital
[Safety Harbor, Florida]
Friday, 1525 hours – 1625 hours Local Time, 27 April, 2018
[Transcript taken from the original open letter written on BayCare Medical stationery with an ink pen, and a writing table near a window of a family waiting area in the intensive care unit of the Mease Countryside Hospital, all provided by the nursing and medical staff free of charge.]

I am writing this using one of those pens that professional women decorate and cover with green colored masking tape, and imitation flowers; the goal is to prevent theft of these pens that were purchased using the budget set by the medical system to which the nursing staff have been charged.  To the male nurses: this fake flower is a necessary evil, as the alternative is to develop some kind of device for the pen which is similar to the proximity, colored, explosively charged dye bombs used to deter bank robbers… I digress, boys…

Page Two
I am sitting here at a table in the third floor family waiting area of the Mease Countryside Hospital.  My family is currently attending to the needs of one of my family members admitted to the hospital.  I have left their room to give them privacy, and to read and write under the natural sunlight near a large window pane.

* * *

While reading, something came to mind which I feel I would like to share.  To the men of the United States of America, specifically the state of Florida, and most specifically the fighting aged males of Pinellas County, Florida:

Our civilization is at war, every piece of paper and coin currency is an economic tool and weapon, and as men, we must remember this any time we perform business and commerce.

Now… the war?  About this war?

Page Three
This war is an eternal thing, for all living people still residing within those fallable, ever degrading, constantly moving vessels we consider the human body.  For all human beings, war, violence, the chance of death, the potential for conflict, &c.: these things all fall within what I feel is a constant human struggle we can sum up as a “World War.”  War may take on different shapes, be it physical, be it psychological, be it, dare I say, economical or ecological.  As men of a fighting age, both literally and figuratively speaking, we must be aware of and capable of pursuing the skills necessary in the event that this war finds us where currently stand (and if you are not standing…

Page Four
…as you read this note, I ask that you now do so for full effect).
As this fake flower bumps against my wrist and wristwatch at every ink scratch I make on this paper, I am simultaneously burdened with the thoughts of the overall ignorance to the very real war around us, and the recollections of my time in other parts of the planet.  There is a gentle, but at the same time damaging lack of sense of urgency, even in this hospital, that not only can but is absolutely enabling non-state actions, both social and econimc, politically sanctioned futhermore, that are unravelling the very fabric and human understanding of American freedom and liberty which were sparked with acts of war on 19 April, so many years ago, by men who had their horses stolen from them under martial law as they sounded the alarm; the alarm needed for the same threats today.

Page Five
The alarm was sounded by a man named Paul Revere, a combat veteran who served in a past conflict that enabled him a timeless, ancient knowledge of human warfare.

In no way do I feel I can ever live up to the humanity of Paul Revere, both positives and negatives, as his myth only touches the surface; however, I seem to feel in these recent days, as a war veteran myself, that I must sound an alarm to you men, you American men of fighting age, to prepare yourselves where you reside here in Pinellas County, Florida, for a war yet to be seen in our country’s history; one of an unprecedented magnitude, scope, function, and form.

Page Six
I ask you men of Southern Roots, and of uprooted disposition now replanted in the humid earth we call Pinellas County, Florida: to ready yourselves, and your friends and family, for war, both psychologically and physically.

I do not ask you to do so in order to overthrow our stewards of local government, nor our elected and appointed stewards of state government, nor our Federal leaders, nor the Commander in Chief himself.

I am asking you fighting aged men to prepare yourselves for war in your own personal stations in life, under your own realistic capacities, for the sake of our country’s future, our nations’ pasts from which so many men of different heritage came, who now exist as Americans; I ask for your war readiness for our today.

Page Seven
We must secure the existence of our future, and the existence of American children!

How we do this, how we secure peace, is to prepare for war.  I am not asking for individual acts of violence, nor am I asking for a collective act of violence outside of the boundaries of our inalienable rights acknowledged by our state’s and country’s Constitutions.

I am simply asking you men of fighting age to prepare for this war that exists all around us; one that the ignorant man will soon see, is being caused by tyrants and tyranny, once that ignorant man prepares himself to defend his own liberty, and the liberties of the young, old, sick, and dying… and the ones [pointing at the BayCare trademark on the bottom of the stationery, implying the medical staff of hospitals around America] who care for them.

Page Eight
MEN of Pinellas County, Florida, I promise you that if you prepare yourselves in a manner similar to what I have just explained, many of you will find an ease in your lives that you might not have seen previously.

Daily tasks will make more sense, and the tasks that do not make sense, along with the habits that prevent you from securing peace in a time of war: these tasks and habits will compel you to reach a war readiness by altogether discontinuing those thoughts and actions in the future, lest they further stop the sense of urgency needed to be victorious in war.

As men, we must understand our places in our village, be it Pinellas County, Florida, or eslewhere in the United States of America.

Page Nine
As men of fighting age, we must understand and accept that as villagers in this, albeit large, village of Pinellas, we have to remain active participants, prepared to fight on behalf of the Security, Governance, and Development which allow us to thrive as people in a peacetime setting.

If you are still standing as you are reading this rambling jumble of words that I am trying to convey in the best sense of the term Patriotism, I humbly thank you for standing under your own power while giving me your time to read my own words.  I hope you answer my invitiation to be prepared for this, a very real war that is touching Pinellas County.

Page Ten
To the nurses and staff charged to the Mease Countryside Hospital, I thank you for your hospitality.  Without your hospitality, and the provisions accompanying it, my family may have died an untimely, preventable death.

Furthermore, without the provisions of the hospitality you guarantee to the citizens and villagers of Pinellas County, Florida, I would not have had the ability to share these written thoughts you may be currently reading: no pen, no paper, no place to sit, no surface upon which I could write this message.

Thank you all.
Your brother, and
American comrade,
Mr. Eric Julius Hauser Jr. (Airborne)

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