The Warrior Conclusion

What is The Warrior Conclusion?

“It is not a matter of agenda.  It is a matter of complacency.” -notes to myself, 2015

“If you are not prepared for war, you have already committed suicide, and you will go extinct.” -notes to myself, 2018

The Warrior Conclusion:
The Warrior Conclusion
(The Warrior Conclusion, copyright 2015 E. Julius Hauser)

The Warrior Conclusion was something I scribbled onto a piece of paper in April 2015. The idea rattled around in my head seven months after I left the US Army.  I envisioned a simplified, poetic set of statements that timelessly trace a man’s life from birth to death, from childhood to elderhood.

This idea came about after experiencing the hell of war as a soldier.  It came about after experiencing the human complacency found in an oxymoron called “civil society.”  I became discouraged when I witnessed this complacency.  The frustration was unbearable by the end of my first six months as an adult in a place called the American “civilian sector.”  I recognized and fully understood that there is a lack of connectivity between these two demonstrably similar realms of human existence: timeless war, and this so-called civil society.

The fact remains that no matter where we are on the planet, we are on the battlefield.  It is the truth, whether or not an individual chooses to occupy that space as a warrior in that timeless and eternal struggle.

Thus, The Warrior Conclusion was born.

Without knowledge, humanity is ignorant.  Knowledge without application is pointless.  The unwillingness to apply the lessons learned from war, in an ultimately struggling world, is downright human suicide.

If you are not prepared for war, you will become just like the bearded Afghan police officers, and just like the children and adults who I photographed in Farah Province, Afghanistan in 2011.

You will become adults and children alike, rich and poor alike, all fighting over a limited supply of educational materials.  The materials will be written in your own language that you can no longer read or write.  The materials will be produced and published by strangers who aren’t actually from your village or your tribe.  You will desperately fight over this limited supply of education, all while those same strangers observe you fighting each other, like the cannibalistic animals you have become.

You will be a rootless people in your own homeland.  You will kill someone in your own tribe, over pieces of paper with words and numbers that you cannot even read or comprehend.  You will kill them using the tools some stranger handed you.  By doing so, you will perpetuate an instability the stranger will then use for their own gain in some other far away place.

Recognize the literate stranger from a different part of the world, but first recognize the illiterate stranger you have become in your own village.

Warrior Conclusion B
(Photo credit: copyright E. Julius Hauser, Farah Province, Afghanistan, while conducting Village Stability Operations as a Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldier in Special Operations Task Force – West, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan, OEF XVII, winter 2011.)

If you are not prepared for war, you have already committed suicide, and you will go extinct. -EJH

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