To The Brother Who Initially Asked Me What Happened to Me at The Hospital & What I Said That Caused Me to Be Placed into A VA Hospital Psychiatric Ward,

To the brother who initially asked me what happened to me at the hospital and what I said that caused me to be placed into a VA hospital psychiatric ward,

Right up front, this letter is gonna be a wild ride full of tangential speech and all manner of communication that is not deemed “normal” or “appropriate” in everyday life anymore.

Also note that I have published it publicly. That public publishing of this open letter can be found here:

Finally, note that in the wake of this Veterans’ Day 2018, and in the wake of what I am writing to you, many and if not most Vietnam War era veterans are finally being given the recognition and respect they don’t deserve, but instead EARNED, over fifty fucking years ago. For many it won’t matter because they have suffered in silence, died from Agent Orange in silence, and suffered through the political intrigue Americans created after Vietnam that will never allow them to fully appreciate the recognition; many of them will forever be “walking wounded.”

With tears in my eyes, the only people in recent history that I can think of who were treated similarly on such a wide and disgusting scale were the men who were asked or forced to serve in the Wehrmacht during World War Two, MY ANCESTORS, to include the combat veterans of the Waffen SS. What that says about America and Americans is contextual with what I witnessed when I was held against my will in a VA hospital.

You have been warned. Forward this letter to your personal email address now if your place of employment is tyrannical about such things.

To answer your question, the major point that you should take away is not the knowledge of whatever it was I specifically said that caused me to get detained against my will under the Baker Act. What you should take away from this situation is how it affected me, and that those effects were not within the boundaries of what a veteran should expect when they visit the VA, as per the VA’s own rules and resources available to the veteran.

The four major points you should take away are the following:
1. As a young combat veteran, I had my words taken out of context that were used against me in a manner that, as just one example, enabled a federal government employee to completely lie on official government documents related to my Veteran Life Safety & Suicide Prevention Plan. This woman actually put words I never said into direct quotations onto documents she typed up faster than I could have actually said them to her. This makes the document even more bogus than if she had been smart enough to at least leave her computer program open long enough to make it look like we actually met in real life, and had a real conversation. BUT HEY, YO, COME ON, ERIC… it was Friday before a long three day weekend, before Veterans’ Day Weekend no less, and she probably had a hot date with some civilian faggot ass beta bitchboy bug man scumbag who lets her do similar shit to him on a daily basis… certainly we gotta cut her some slack because she wanted to get out of there that day as fast as she could, right? I have this woman’s name in writing, and the Bay Pines VA Medical Center OIF/OEF/OND Veteran Patient Advocacy Office is already aware of the situation, so it’s already being addressed officially.

2. As a young combat veteran, I have never been able to properly address with the VA the problems that have continued to affect me for over four years, that finally culminated in me sitting alone in a psych ward surrounded by other veterans trapped in the same situation, all of us getting “assistance” from the same shitty government employees, not being fed properly by the cafeteria staff on site, being lied to, and a whole other litany of things that went wrong while I was there for a mere 36 hours or so, all at the expense of the US taxpayer.

3. As a young combat veteran, my living situation, family situation, my professional life, and my personal life are now worse, not better, because of what happened to me. Because of what happened to me, something that happens to our veterans every single day, more often than not now apparently as per the words of two VA Police officers, I now question my own need for existence even more.

4. As a young combat veteran, I was told by no less than two lawyers at the time of this letter’s writing, both of whom are military veterans deeply seated and well established in the same legal system that allowed these things to happen, that they would not represent me. One stated that he was incapable, and the other stated that he was unwilling because I decided to go public about my situation, going so far as to call my decision to do so a “public crusade against the federal government.” He told me he works in matters of “differing opinions between private parties and the government,” which leads me to believe he and I work from “differing positions of reality between one human being and the rest of humanity.”

Remember: a lawyer gets paid by the government no matter how you float the bill to pay the fee, and you also “attorn” or “attear” yourself from representing yourself in some legal matter. If people would actually read and absorb those first ten amendments in the American constitution a little more, they would clearly see the ridiculousness, albeit humorous, of the legal leftovers from British colonial and maritime law that still exist in America, which allow “attorneys” like these to continue their “legal” practice.

The Baker Act as it was used against me last week was in and of itself, in my opinion, brutally unconstitutional, and it’s being done to many veterans in varying degrees. The fact that people have that kind of power over veterans is, in my opinion, part of the reason why veterans and civilians are so fucked up right now in America as a whole. It’s why we are so numb to each other’s personal problems, it’s why people are hesitant to be selfless and serve others in various ways, it’s why men and women don’t get along; the list can go on and on if necessary.

We’re living inside the mouth of the cat of tyranny, and nobody is willing to spear that motherfucker through the roof of its mouth and into its brain. Things like the “Baker Act” are a symptom of that tyranny, and I believe the cause is individual weakness both physically and mentally in many Americans today.

Unless I am some kind of Pagan Warlock (male witch) capable of casting verbal and nonverbal spells that conjure physical actions into the real world, how in the world can Americans truly look upon themselves, and think it’s okay to detain other people against their will, using lethal force as the vehicle no less, because of words, not actions? I’m sorry to tell you, but if you even hesitated when you read that so you could think of something to pose as a disagreement, you might want to consider yourself a potential threat to the 1st Amendment: a potential domestic enemy to the United States Constitution.

If people feel threatened because someone communicates words to them, I don’t care WHAT they say, maybe they should go to the fucking gym, learn how to fight with their bare hands, learn how to stand stoically in front of people threatening them with the comfort of knowing they have no fear in defending themselves and others, and quit being a little fucking bitch about life.

In the last four years of civilian life, I have seen people bring problems upon themselves, only to cry about it later like the victim. I know because I started down that path; it’s easy to do in the civilian world, and I have since crawled away like a beaten child from that stupid mentality. I know because I have been physically threatened, physically assaulted, and even sexually assaulted over the last four years as a civilian, all of these things happening as it is written in the letter of our laws, but nobody was there to help me. Nobody. When I tried to get help, I was either shamed, blamed, suspected as being the real criminal, or all three.

The truth is that I said things in a supposedly safe and controlled environment (the VA hospital) that should exist to allow me to say things to get them off my chest no matter how ridiculous, bizarre, or irrational, and then being physically and verbally comforted by someone capable and willing to help me get that mental poison out of my body in a positive manner. I should expect that I have the freedom to do this without it affecting my life, unless of course the effect is positive in a manner that allows me to be a healthier veteran.

Instead, I was thrown into what is essentially a medical jail cell run by the federal government, and I had the risk of having certain constitutional rights waved in front of my face like a carrot on a stick in order to get me to behave in a certain way to make VA employees’ lives easier. I know this is so bad because two separate VA Police Officers, both combat veterans, have a major apprehension toward using the VA facilities as a patient because they see this as well.

The truth is that the social worker who “Baker Acted” me either got offended or “felt” something negative toward what I said, and her employment doesn’t allow her to think rationally: it instead requires her to go full force, and throw someone into the ER under police escort. I believe the tipping point in my meeting with her, when the woman started changing her tone, was when I brought up the Communistic Leftism that is destroying America. I mentioned that this country is swarming with domestic enemies that many people have humorously dubbed as things like “Bug Man.” I mentioned that I observe a lot of potential domestic enemies in my every day life, and that I am taking appropriate actions in the absence of orders as a former NCO of the Army to guard myself and my family from these people. When she asked me “who” the enemies are, trying to have me create a “list” right there on the spot of specific groups or individuals, I laughed.

I laughed at her, and told her I am the last person she should be asking… veterans should not be bothered with this question. If you don’t trust my judgment, why the fuck did your government, a government that includes YOU as a voter under constitutional law; why the fuck did you let me into your Army in the first place so that I could protect you from what I am trying to tell you about? Why the fuck is it so against protocol that I give the mere mention of something I see happening domestically that was something I saw in a foreign war, something that can and will have a very real negative effect on America?

It isn’t my fault you people have not paid attention on your road to slavery while I was traveling the road to war. So don’t fucking sit here and try to use my Military Occupational Specialties of expert communicator and expert propagandist against me by asking me to create some illegitimate threat profile package that you will use as evidence against my mental clarity. Instead of thanking me for my service, and appreciating that veterans like me exist to help protect this land, you want to lock me up, throw away the key, and make that sweet sweet General Schedule VA employee salary like you’ve been doing under the watch of what was an extremely Communistic federal government for about a decade or more.

Because this woman working at the VA has quotas to meet, to include the quota that I’m basically not allowed to kill myself after talking to her because she could lose her job (that’s a summarized QUOTE from VA employees to include an actual M.D. doctor and a R.N. nurse, not my suspicion), she had to press some buttons and take some real physical actions of her own because of my words.

Instead of her referring me to the PTSD program on site at the Bay Pines VA to let me talk to someone, a fucking program so vast it now HAS ITS OWN FUCKING BUILDING, BUILDING 111, and a program I am ALREADY ENROLLED IN; instead, she had VA Policemen escort me into a cold psych ward where I wasn’t able to talk about my feelings to anyone properly trained and qualified to listen to me.

Sure, I got medical nurses, more social workers (one of whom completely lied in official documentation, and another who couldn’t give me a straight answer as to whether or not I would be allowed to have legal representation), a substance abuse coordinator who in one breath said she couldn’t talk about marijuana use but in the next breath went on into detail about it, and a medical doctor who served in the Army who seems to have a problem with veterans who are white with conservative values… just to name a few characters in the cast of characters working up there on the 4th floor of the psychiatric wing at the VA.

However, I was never actually able to talk about my problems, my experiences in Afghanistan, etc., and it’s been that way for literal YEARS now. Any time I bring up Afghanistan, I am shut down. At one point, I was even told that my therapy sessions are not “venting sessions” when I tried to vent about my experiences in Afghanistan. As of a few days ago, I am told, that therapist who actually said that to me, is no longer an employee of the VA, and apparently left the VA on bad terms. Sure, she’s gone now, but the damage was done, and I lost all respect and trust in the VA when she told me those things.

Someone needs to verbalize the slaughter of this cat called tyranny, or its going to swallow us all whole, destabilize our nation beyond repair, and we’ll be speaking someone else’s language of death and taxes very soon.

I guess I’m that guy with the spear, even if it means stealing some other unit’s Guidon, or becoming a Guidon bearer again so that I can use the spear to which the Guidon is attached.

America needs to stop giving its veterans fake hugs, it needs to stop giving veterans lip service with nothing tangible to back up those words (and no, a discount at a restaurant or shitty job employment where Americans are already suffering through tyranny don’t count), and it needs to start looking at the mess it made while veterans were “out of the house” working to keep the house from falling down.

We didn’t make this mess, so we shouldn’t have to suffer because of it, and we as veterans should not be punished for trying to fix the mess. Full Stop.


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