The US Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Yet Another Life By Proxy

I will not stop. I will not shut up. I don’t care how many times someone tries to throw me into a psych ward to “calm me down” or whatever they want to characterize it as being. This is by design.

I even shaved my fucking face, and cut off over two years of hair just to prove to people how serious I am about this. Quit fucking with us. Quit fucking with veterans.

It feels like the US government has declared war on its own veterans by way of bureaucratic garbage, and if World War One veterans were still alive today, they’d tell you that this isn’t the first time.

This is garbage that is built and carefully layered and politically discussed, covered in mainstream media, and all while it’s happening as a tidy little distraction, the government keeps the American public in the dark about the next manufactured conflict that will kill and maim even more of us for some “cause” that doesn’t seem to reflect anything remotely related to American liberty.

Meanwhile, the wrong people profit from it, and foreign and non state actors gain more and more power on the backs of our warriors. No, Rome was not built in a day, but the Germanic Barbarians could and did finally sack it when enough was enough.

Veterans, get the pill bottles out of your cabinets, get the guns out of your mouths, get the liquor bottles out of your hands, turn off the pornography, put down the drugs, cut your hair, shave your faces, and get your effects in order. It’s time to do work.

If the government can exacerbate and prolong a “not real” war against ideas all over the world for almost 30 years (The Gulf War Era), what makes you think those same people who made it happen won’t do the same damn thing to our veterans who were compelled to fight that foreign war, but right here on American soil?

It’s time to get strong. It’s time to get healthy. It’s time to make ready once more.

To quote a well known fictional character who also spent time in the American Special Operations Community: they drew first blood, not me.

Remarks complete. -EJH


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