Goodbye, Facebook. Goodbye Again.

No but really… I’ve seen enough of Facebook, and to Hell with people trying to convince me and others that this is the appropriate platform to conduct real world business and real world relationships in a world where people have made it clear they are trying to destroy the planet with real, unregulated violence by way of this website.

“Oh look. Tyrants operating in plain sight. Whatever shall we do? Oh I know… we’ll ‘talk about it’ on social media.”

Nothing has changed on Facebook since the last time I was “here” at this “place” that does not actually exist except in our imaginations. One flip of the switch, and the United States Department of Defense can make this place go bye bye, or did we forget that the entire internet is still a weaponized American military asset that belongs to the US federal government?

The “social engineering” has only gotten more tyrannical on this website, the people are even more lazy toward tyranny, and when roaming the real world, every other fucking shithead working a 9-5 job wants to give me an attitude when I’m trying to do business with them and go on with my actual life off the internet, but I’m made to wait until they detach their fucking attention from their “smart device” as they “feed” on their Facebook “feed” while getting paid to do a job that has nothing to do with playing with a “smart device” as though it’s an adult baby pacifier.

I’m already done fucking off on this GOD damned website while I’m trying to cultivate a real life in the real world away from a Department of Defense military asset.

Any time we use social media, we are SOMEONE ELSE’S SLAVE. Don’t believe me?

Every little tiny fucking thing you’re doing here is making someone else money at OUR expense, and the creator of this place already made it clear that he has no respect for law, natural or man-made. If the Congressional hearing was not enough to convince someone, I don’t want to talk to them anymore, or ever again.

In California, your government is now trying to TAX YOU for every time your SKIN TOUCHES GLASS ON YOUR SMART DEVICE, to include “talking” on social media.

Unless that motherfucker Zuckerberg has some nice big fat Royalties check in the mail for all of us, maybe my mind may be changed, but even then, I don’t want his actual blood money he makes off human suffering that gets paraded all over this website, all while he does things like create cartoon character representations of himself and his “friends” so he can go “visit” natural disaster locations.

This bullshit is not enhancing my life at all. This website is already causing disturbance in my life even when I put forth positive energy. I put in positive energy, I get negative feedback, and I don’t fucking appreciate it, or the negativity my real life friends are subjected to on a daily basis all because this is “the best way to keep in touch.”


People are already trying to use me, get me to do a bunch of elaborate shit for free, get me to emotionally respond to things that will then give them the opportunity to fuck up my life, give them money for shit I don’t need, and provide things to me I don’t need that will just complicate my life or quite literally get me killed.

Nah. No. Fuck no. Bye, Facebook. AGAIN.

If you wanna talk to me, send me a message here. My family’s landline telephone number ain’t changed for 30 fucking years.

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