Chronology: The Original Endeavor of Endeavors to Success (Adults Only)

  1. The following are a work of science fiction.
    The Original Endeavor Has Begun
  2. An Open Letter to The Fighting Aged Males & Military Aged Males of Safety Harbor & Pinellas County, Florida
  3. Air Water Food War
  4. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Is Currently A Swamp of Human Inadmissibility, & It’s Running Our Veterans into Oblivion!
  5. The Warrior Conclusion
  6. On Veterans’ Day 2018, I Woke Up
  7. To The Brother Who Initially Asked Me What Happened to Me at The Hospital & What I Said That Caused Me to Be Placed into A VA Hospital Psychiatric Ward,
  8. “Simon Says:” So-Called Consultant & Big Brain Simon Sinek Believes That Corporations Are Supposed to Help The Millennial Generation “Finish Growing Up” By Creating More Social Experiments
  9. Dear Communism, What Part of “I Don’t Need to Produce Divorce Paperwork Because We Never Married in The First Place” Did You Not Understand?
  10. “STOP WATCHING PORN!” or Operation Kill Fee: Why The Pornographic Industry Has Direct Ties to 19th Century Slave Trade Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures (TTPs)
  11. Sunday Afternoon News Conference With The Entire Planet: Veteran Suicides Are A Symptom of A Cause Called World War Three Which Has Already Been Raging For Over 30 Years. That Is Not An Excuse to Disarm Americans or Anyone Else Either!
  12. Self Portrait: Kakazu Ridge Revisited (77th Infantry Division Living History Reenacting on the island of Okinawa, Japan)
  13. The US Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Yet Another Life By Proxy
  14. Goodbye, Facebook. Goodbye Again.
  15. Endeavors to Success Video Special: Controlled Chaos
  16. Dissociative Closure
  17. When Gold Makes A Man Feel Like Dirt: The “Gold Standard” Treatments of The US Department of Veterans Affairs Have A High Failure Rate
  18. The Gift of Preserving The Memory of An Unknown Veteran’s Life & Sacrifice With Their Funeral Flag

Happy Birthday: How You Play Is Who You Are

With love,
E Julius Hauser

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