The Warrior Conclusion

What is The Warrior Conclusion?

“It is not a matter of agenda.  It is a matter of complacency.” -notes to myself, 2015

“If you are not prepared for war, you have already committed suicide, and you will go extinct.” -notes to myself, 2018

The Warrior Conclusion:
The Warrior Conclusion
(The Warrior Conclusion, copyright 2015 E. Julius Hauser)

The Warrior Conclusion was something I scribbled onto a piece of paper in April 2015. The idea rattled around in my head seven months after I left the US Army.  I envisioned a simplified, poetic set of statements that timelessly trace a man’s life from birth to death, from childhood to elderhood.

This idea came about after experiencing the hell of war as a soldier.  It came about after experiencing the human complacency found in an oxymoron called “civil society.”  I became discouraged when I witnessed this complacency.  The frustration was unbearable by the end of my first six months as an adult in a place called the American “civilian sector.”  I recognized and fully understood that there is a lack of connectivity between these two demonstrably similar realms of human existence: timeless war, and this so-called civil society.

The fact remains that no matter where we are on the planet, we are on the battlefield.  It is the truth, whether or not an individual chooses to occupy that space as a warrior in that timeless and eternal struggle.

Thus, The Warrior Conclusion was born.

Without knowledge, humanity is ignorant.  Knowledge without application is pointless.  The unwillingness to apply the lessons learned from war, in an ultimately struggling world, is downright human suicide.

If you are not prepared for war, you will become just like the bearded Afghan police officers, and just like the children and adults who I photographed in Farah Province, Afghanistan in 2011.

You will become adults and children alike, rich and poor alike, all fighting over a limited supply of educational materials.  The materials will be written in your own language that you can no longer read or write.  The materials will be produced and published by strangers who aren’t actually from your village or your tribe.  You will desperately fight over this limited supply of education, all while those same strangers observe you fighting each other, like the cannibalistic animals you have become.

You will be a rootless people in your own homeland.  You will kill someone in your own tribe, over pieces of paper with words and numbers that you cannot even read or comprehend.  You will kill them using the tools some stranger handed you.  By doing so, you will perpetuate an instability the stranger will then use for their own gain in some other far away place.

Recognize the literate stranger from a different part of the world, but first recognize the illiterate stranger you have become in your own village.

Warrior Conclusion B
(Photo credit: copyright E. Julius Hauser, Farah Province, Afghanistan, while conducting Village Stability Operations as a Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldier in Special Operations Task Force – West, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan, OEF XVII, winter 2011.)

If you are not prepared for war, you have already committed suicide, and you will go extinct. -EJH

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Is Currently A Swamp of Human Inadmissibility, & It’s Running Our Veterans into Oblivion!

“Schreite mit stolzer Geringschätzung durch den Pfuhl menschlicher Unzulässigkeit.”
-SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper

“Proceed with proud disdain through the swamp of human inadmissibility.”
-Waffen SS Colonel Joachim Peiper

(Let’s keep this one a work of fiction for the Hell of it in order to protect the innocent, and to allow us to work on making this experience a fiction instead of a reality.  Shall we?!

“Sure, Eric… this one is a work of fiction too, I guess.”


In a world full of gangsters wearing darkly colored suits, and gangbangers wearing pants that hang off their asses, beware of the man in feldgrau, and beware of the man in seersucker.

One of my drug dealers made a telephone call to the house yesterday.  They wanted to know where I was. I didn’t make it to the drug deal.

The truth is that I was too busy writing.  Writing is a therapeutic outlet that several of my previous drug dealers didn’t support, and an outlet that the current drug dealer turned into the punchline of their own joke.  Thus, I missed the drug deal yesterday with my Canadian-born drug dealer.

It was one of many drug deals I have missed over the last four years.  I have missed these drug deals in the past for various reasons to include memory loss, physical pain, and the inability to leave the house.  In the past, most of the other drug dealers were hardly persistent at wanting to know if I was still willing to work toward buying the drugs; or at the very least, to see if I was still alive in order to make me that offer.

However, this drug dealer is noticeably more persistent when trying to get me into their drug trap.  I believe a big reason for this is that the last 7 or 8 drug dealers didn’t actually have the ability to personally sell me the drugs.  All of the other drug dealers that I have dealt with have either directly or indirectly passed on this drug deal to the latest drug dealer.

To wit, I have seen over the last 2 years and more, about 8 other drug dealers in total regarding this particular drug deal.

The newest drug dealer brings this number to 9 if memory serves me correctly, with the majority of those drug deals taking place in the last 2 years on a consistent basis.  The particular importance of this newest drug dealer, that sets them apart from the others, is that this one has the ability to personally sell me drugs.

My drug dealer is my VA psychiatrist, and along with my polytrauma doctor, both of these women want me to take pharmaceutical drugs.

They, the VA psychiatrists and VA psychologists, have all been trying to push drugs onto me that I haven’t agreed to take yet, so they are still sniffing me out, trying to get my attention over the air waves, over the telephone, in the mail, and face to face.  They are trying to see if they can get me to buy their drugs with American Taxpayer money, get me hooked on those drugs, and place myself into a position where my mind is subdued of the awareness of physical and psychological pains that are very real, and very immobilizing.

They want me to be oblivious.  They want to lead me into oblivion.

Even my polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury doctor, perhaps the 10th drug dealer, is part of this problem.  She is a woman who quit the VA to move out of the country, and pursue something better because she “didn’t have enough control over decision-making” while working at the VA.  Instead of her finding a timely diagnosis of something that has clear evidence from my military career, over the span of multiple years and multiple military experiences, she took the easy way out of my situation.  Her last decision, before abandoning me for her rootless international medical career, was to also get me to take drugs in two different ways.  One way was orally with pharmaceutical pain killers, and the other was by having a laboratory soup including steroids injected directly into my neck near my brain stem.

In addition to that, this expatriating doctor also shuffled the onus of her responsibility for my yet to be determined, full diagnosis onto her nurse.  She told me that her nurse, another US military veteran if memory serves me correctly, would be able to help me modify my paperwork to state the right things, in the right order, to a different department of the VA that handles disability compensation.  In doing so, her name would not have to stand out anywhere, but I would have a slightly better chance to get a proper diagnosis and disability rating.

This is something that I have been patiently awaiting.  It’s something that I have been waiting for patiently, regardless of what that woman thinks as my doctor.  I have been waiting for an amount of time that I presently do not wish to share, because it’s just that disgusting.  I will give a hint: it is an amount of time equal to the average first term, active duty, military service enlistment contract for the US Army.  It is this amount of time because the experiences occurred starting in Basic Training.  It’s that amount of time, plus four years of civilian life.

In the midst of this controversy, I had still been going to physical therapy for that which has yet to be diagnosed.  All of this chaos, for the record, is an all expenses paid personal Hell I experience that gets paid for by the American Taxpayers, and I am not the only veteran experiencing it.  Far from it.

So after four years of fighting this war of civilian life, a war that I get to suffer alone in my own mind and body, a war that I have to suffer alone because it’s at a government hospital that the average citizen never visits, I have reached a pinnacle of the worst kind.

The pinnacle and culmination of my efforts in my own personal, lonely war have reached a plateau that includes, in the main, two overly licensed, overly trained, overly paid, legally sanctioned, and legally protected drug dealers trying to peddle drugs on me.  Drugs that are peddled at the expense of the US Taxpayer.

One drug dealer isn’t originally from this country, and she happens to hale from a country that is known for its cross-border drug dealing into America.  It is drug dealing that falls legally within the parameters of the globalist, pharmaceutical drug industry agenda.

The other drug dealer happens to be someone who did not agree with the parameters of the VA when handling a veteran’s disability proceedings, and if memory serves me correctly, she happens to be expatriating from the United States of America at the time of this article’s publishing.

If my stupid, time consuming, taxpayer money-wasting college education that I didn’t finish taught me anything, it’s that I should have a thesis statement for every other stupid aspect of my life.  That thesis statement is this:

“Two women, two ex-patriots, are trying to deal drugs to an American patriot, instead of doing the right thing by helping him get paid what he is owed, and by helping him explore treatment options that don’t change his brain chemistry in ways that might be permanent.”

It’s quite the anecdotal experience, wouldn’t you say?

Some will absolutely call me paranoid and delusional after reading this article, and I believe that someone who thinks this would think so because of two key reasons:

One reason is that our society is now so very accustomed to the Communistic approach of spending other people’s money, after it has been extracted from them by the barrel of a gun (taxes).

The second reason is that our society is now so very accustomed to mindlessly accepting the fact that every other person we see in our daily activities may or may not be “high” or “low” on some foreign substance that flows through their bloodstreams, and into their brains, making them behave in ways that are not naturally occurring following their birth.

By doing it this way, the easier way for the US federal government, but the humanly disgusting way for the sake of the veterans and the citizens who still care about them in America, the VA doesn’t have to pay any additional money to the veterans.  They can even start downgrading disability ratings since the drugs make the veteran “better,” and they won’t necessarily have to treat a veteran for mental and physical ailments or pain that the veteran’s brain is no longer registering as a real problem.  If the pain is temporarily gone, the oblivious veteran will go away sheepishly until their drug supply runs out.

However, because the drug dealing is still “something” the VA is doing while it interacts with a veteran, the VA can continue to justify its existence with as little amount of effort required.  It can continue hiring more drug pushers and drug dealers as well, perpetuating the motion of this global pharmaceutical agenda.

If that agenda can keep me away from the taxpayer money that I could have been using to stop this chaos, and instead it refills my drug supply once in a while with drugs it purchased at inflated market value, using a different pool of taxpayer money; if it can do those things, the government and the lobbyists behind this scheme can perpetuate the chaos within the system by keeping the steady supply of drugs and taxes flowing.

The VA carries out this act of psychological and political warfare on behalf of the agenda controlling it, by generating the psychiatry, psychology, and pharmacy paperwork stating I am “better,” so long as I keep getting fed these drugs.  These are drugs that are sometimes tested on veterans before going to the civilian market, just to add insult to injury.  If you don’t believe the latter, ask a Desert Storm era military veteran to tell you about the mystery substances they had injected into their bodies, that aren’t listed correctly on their permanent medical records.

This paper trail will then become the vehicle that compels the continued expenditure of US Taxpayer dollars.

Ultimately, the US Taxpayers’ war chests suffer, and the VA continues to grow as it constantly evolves into something new with each and every voter cycle.  I don’t just mean citizens voting either.  I mean government voting cycles, which happen all the time, almost daily.  Behind all of that, the agenda controlling this chaos, and the individuals controlling that agenda, all profit from it, even at the international level.

I have a lot more I want to type, but like I said, this article is a work of fiction, remember?

It’s all just a bunch of funny, entertaining make-believe that isn’t discussing the ruination of the real lives of our real warriors, who suffer through what is tantamount to real crimes against humanity, and real crimes against the peace.

(At this time, the Laughter and Applause signs light up before the live studio audience.  You laugh uncontrollably without thinking, and you clap your hands.  You clap harder, competing with your neighbors sitting around you to see who can clap the loudest.  It’s all just a big, stupid, fictional variety show, and I happen to be the current act.)

After over two years of dealing with this specific, so-called drug dealer problem, and after pondering suicide when I start thinking too deeply about it, I am simply going to leave all of you with the following statements that speak beyond myself as an individual.  I also leave you with a call to act properly and accordingly, based upon those statements.  These statements speak for the general audience of America, for its veteran population as a whole, and for all NATO veterans who have also suffered tremendously under the Article 5 and Non Article 5 missions in the current Global War on Terrorism.

I am leaving you with these statements and call to action now, so that I do not decide in the future to start walking down yet another dark path of suicide and violence.  Please let me leave it at this, please let my freedom of speech sound off loud and true without fear of reprisal or censorship, and please let me go back to doing something more productive.

  • The statements:

The organization known as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA for short, is not designed to positively end the suffering of military veterans in a timely manner, in its current state of existence.

The VA is not designed to financially compensate disabled military veterans for bearing that burden of suffering in a proper and timely manner, in its current state of existence.

This truth is by design, and this truth is currently being mastered and commandeered by an openly leftist, rootless, political, Communistic agenda that ensures it will continue to be this way.

If you don’t believe me, read the patient code of conduct found at any VA hospital.  The second a veteran patient shows even a remote sign of emotion or outburst that may be a direct result of our ailments, we are to be arrested, held against our will, sometimes escorted off the premises, and in some cases revoked of our rights as patients and Americans at that facility.  Not only does this hurt the veterans crying out in pain, but it also hurts the uniformed police who have to carry out these reprisals because a vast number of VA Police are also veterans.

The President, Governors, Congress, Senators, and the House of Representatives are all complicit in all of this, and have been complicit long before the current Commander-in-Chief was elected into office.  So don’t start with me with the Trump and Hillary debate,  don’t start with me with the DeSantis and Gillum debate, and do not try to lead me off topic with whatever is going on in current events being covered by the mainstream news media.  I will not be swayed from speaking on behalf of those who are most important in our country’s survival: our veterans, and their families who love them.

I have yet to hear about any of those politicians I just mentioned having ever visited the Congressman CW “Bill” Young Medical Center at Bay Pines, FL in the last three years.  Since I have been interacting with the facility, and in the four years since I have become an adult civilian, I haven’t heard anything about it, and I’ve been asking plenty of the right people.  I pray that I am misinformed.

Those politicians are part of this agenda, regardless of the letter next to their name that denotes their political affiliation.  I am telling this truth to all of you, whether or not any of you is willing to accept that truth.

If America’s political situation started and ended each day with the welfare of our warriors, things would make a lot more sense in America.  I can absolutely guarantee that.  It would positively affect every single aspect of regular American life beyond any specific charity group or other special interest group.

  • The call to act:

Before you read what I am about to tell you, I ask that you stand up if you are sitting, or to remain standing if you are already standing.


You, the American people, and the elected leaders I just mentioned, may now make two choices.  There are ONLY TWO, the decisions are IRREVERSIBLE, and I cannot guarantee the future of this country if you make the wrong decision:

Decision A) You accept the truth I am conveying to you all, and you act upon that truth in a just, honorable, and most importantly in a loving manner.  Fight within your own limitations with honor against the war that is being waged within the mind and in the streets.  It is radical revolutionary war that is sowing the seeds of a civil war, and it is a war that is corrupting the minds and bodies of our most precious people: our veterans.
By choosing this option to fight, America succeeds in positively affecting the lives of the warriors who guaranteed this country’s existence.  As of the date of this article’s publishing, those warriors have continuously done this without fail, ever since those warriors fired the first shots in defense of America to the tune of 243 years, 6 months, and 8 days ago.

Decision B) You do not accept the truth I am conveying to you all, nor do you act upon that truth in a just, honorable, and loving manner.  You continue to behave poorly at the expense of our veterans and their families, and at the expense of the ever dwindling purchasing power of the money that is taxed from you every pay period, during every commercial sale, each and every day.
By choosing this option to not fight, America’s veterans continue to suffer, and continue to kill themselves at a rate of 20 to 30 or more suicides on average per day.  A platoon of men and women will continue taking their own lives each day, an action more effective than what any uniformed enemy, or partisan terrorist enemy has ever done on the battlefield, in the history of the United States of America.  In addition, our economy will continue to be robbed blind, with a blindness so terrible that government employees will not understand the full weight of this action until it is too late.  They too are just “following orders.”  Our economy will collapse much like 1929 America, or the Weimar Republic in Germany following World War One.  The mind altering drugs, however, the hard stuff, will most certainly continue to flow “legitimately” in pill form from Canada, and “illegitimately” in powder and leaf form from Mexico.  The drugs will flow freely in order to keep all of you docile, unstable, and wracked with criminal records that will delegitimize your voices in the public eye, and to continue the justification of a growing tyranny.

You now must choose.  Right now.  Stop moving your mouse wheels.  Stop masturbating your smart devices with your thumbs and fingers.  Make a decision.


In a world full of gangsters wearing darkly colored suits, and gangbangers wearing pants that hang off their asses, beware of the man in feldgrau, and beware of the man in seersucker.

ACU for OEF XIX 2012
(The author in summer 2012, photographed before the second of his 3 deployments to war.)

image1 - Copy
(The author in fall 2018, photographed during the annual Florida Gold Star Families Day of Remembrance, an event that takes place every year across the nation during Gold Star Families Remembrance Week.)

Airborne.  Win the mind, win the day.  Last Three Feet.

Remarks complete.


Notes From The Hospital, 27 April 2018

The Original Endeavor of Endeavors to Success©

Notes From The Hospital
[Or: An Open Letter to The Fighting Aged Males & Military Aged Males of Safety Harbor & Pinellas County, Florida]

Page One
Countryside (Mease) Hospital
[Safety Harbor, Florida]
Friday, 1525 hours – 1625 hours Local Time, 27 April, 2018
[Transcript taken from the original open letter written on BayCare Medical stationery with an ink pen, and a writing table near a window of a family waiting area in the intensive care unit of the Mease Countryside Hospital, all provided by the nursing and medical staff free of charge.]

I am writing this using one of those pens that professional women decorate and cover with green colored masking tape, and imitation flowers; the goal is to prevent theft of these pens that were purchased using the budget set by the medical system to which the nursing staff have been charged.  To the male nurses: this fake flower is a necessary evil, as the alternative is to develop some kind of device for the pen which is similar to the proximity, colored, explosively charged dye bombs used to deter bank robbers… I digress, boys…

Page Two
I am sitting here at a table in the third floor family waiting area of the Mease Countryside Hospital.  My family is currently attending to the needs of one of my family members admitted to the hospital.  I have left their room to give them privacy, and to read and write under the natural sunlight near a large window pane.

* * *

While reading, something came to mind which I feel I would like to share.  To the men of the United States of America, specifically the state of Florida, and most specifically the fighting aged males of Pinellas County, Florida:

Our civilization is at war, every piece of paper and coin currency is an economic tool and weapon, and as men, we must remember this any time we perform business and commerce.

Now… the war?  About this war?

Page Three
This war is an eternal thing, for all living people still residing within those fallable, ever degrading, constantly moving vessels we consider the human body.  For all human beings, war, violence, the chance of death, the potential for conflict, &c.: these things all fall within what I feel is a constant human struggle we can sum up as a “World War.”  War may take on different shapes, be it physical, be it psychological, be it, dare I say, economical or ecological.  As men of a fighting age, both literally and figuratively speaking, we must be aware of and capable of pursuing the skills necessary in the event that this war finds us where currently stand (and if you are not standing…

Page Four
…as you read this note, I ask that you now do so for full effect).
As this fake flower bumps against my wrist and wristwatch at every ink scratch I make on this paper, I am simultaneously burdened with the thoughts of the overall ignorance to the very real war around us, and the recollections of my time in other parts of the planet.  There is a gentle, but at the same time damaging lack of sense of urgency, even in this hospital, that not only can but is absolutely enabling non-state actions, both social and econimc, politically sanctioned futhermore, that are unravelling the very fabric and human understanding of American freedom and liberty which were sparked with acts of war on 19 April, so many years ago, by men who had their horses stolen from them under martial law as they sounded the alarm; the alarm needed for the same threats today.

Page Five
The alarm was sounded by a man named Paul Revere, a combat veteran who served in a past conflict that enabled him a timeless, ancient knowledge of human warfare.

In no way do I feel I can ever live up to the humanity of Paul Revere, both positives and negatives, as his myth only touches the surface; however, I seem to feel in these recent days, as a war veteran myself, that I must sound an alarm to you men, you American men of fighting age, to prepare yourselves where you reside here in Pinellas County, Florida, for a war yet to be seen in our country’s history; one of an unprecedented magnitude, scope, function, and form.

Page Six
I ask you men of Southern Roots, and of uprooted disposition now replanted in the humid earth we call Pinellas County, Florida: to ready yourselves, and your friends and family, for war, both psychologically and physically.

I do not ask you to do so in order to overthrow our stewards of local government, nor our elected and appointed stewards of state government, nor our Federal leaders, nor the Commander in Chief himself.

I am asking you fighting aged men to prepare yourselves for war in your own personal stations in life, under your own realistic capacities, for the sake of our country’s future, our nations’ pasts from which so many men of different heritage came, who now exist as Americans; I ask for your war readiness for our today.

Page Seven
We must secure the existence of our future, and the existence of American children!

How we do this, how we secure peace, is to prepare for war.  I am not asking for individual acts of violence, nor am I asking for a collective act of violence outside of the boundaries of our inalienable rights acknowledged by our state’s and country’s Constitutions.

I am simply asking you men of fighting age to prepare for this war that exists all around us; one that the ignorant man will soon see, is being caused by tyrants and tyranny, once that ignorant man prepares himself to defend his own liberty, and the liberties of the young, old, sick, and dying… and the ones [pointing at the BayCare trademark on the bottom of the stationery, implying the medical staff of hospitals around America] who care for them.

Page Eight
MEN of Pinellas County, Florida, I promise you that if you prepare yourselves in a manner similar to what I have just explained, many of you will find an ease in your lives that you might not have seen previously.

Daily tasks will make more sense, and the tasks that do not make sense, along with the habits that prevent you from securing peace in a time of war: these tasks and habits will compel you to reach a war readiness by altogether discontinuing those thoughts and actions in the future, lest they further stop the sense of urgency needed to be victorious in war.

As men, we must understand our places in our village, be it Pinellas County, Florida, or eslewhere in the United States of America.

Page Nine
As men of fighting age, we must understand and accept that as villagers in this, albeit large, village of Pinellas, we have to remain active participants, prepared to fight on behalf of the Security, Governance, and Development which allow us to thrive as people in a peacetime setting.

If you are still standing as you are reading this rambling jumble of words that I am trying to convey in the best sense of the term Patriotism, I humbly thank you for standing under your own power while giving me your time to read my own words.  I hope you answer my invitiation to be prepared for this, a very real war that is touching Pinellas County.

Page Ten
To the nurses and staff charged to the Mease Countryside Hospital, I thank you for your hospitality.  Without your hospitality, and the provisions accompanying it, my family may have died an untimely, preventable death.

Furthermore, without the provisions of the hospitality you guarantee to the citizens and villagers of Pinellas County, Florida, I would not have had the ability to share these written thoughts you may be currently reading: no pen, no paper, no place to sit, no surface upon which I could write this message.

Thank you all.
Your brother, and
American comrade,
Mr. Eric Julius Hauser Jr. (Airborne)

The Original Endeavor Has Begun


“No one is more professional than I. I am a noncommissioned officer, a leader of Soldiers. As a noncommissioned officer, I realize that I am a member of a time honored corps, which is known as “The Backbone of the Army”. I am proud of the Corps of noncommissioned officers and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the military service and my country regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety.

“Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind—accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my Soldiers. I will strive to remain technically and tactically proficient. I am aware of my role as a noncommissioned officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All Soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my Soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own. I will communicate consistently with my Soldiers and never leave them uninformed. I will be fair and impartial when recommending both rewards and punishment.

“Officers of my unit will have maximum time to accomplish their duties; they will not have to accomplish mine. I will earn their respect and confidence as well as that of my Soldiers. I will be loyal to those with whom I serve; seniors, peers, and subordinates alike. I will exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders. I will not compromise my integrity, nor my moral courage. I will not forget, nor will I allow my comrades to forget that we are professionals, noncommissioned officers, leaders!” -The Non Commissioned Officer’s Creed, United States Army

Humans are more important than Hardware.” -United States Special Operations Forces Truth #1, United States Army Special Operations Command

With the above statements deeply seeded, rooted, and cultivated in my own mind, on this day, Monday, 10 September 2018, the eve of my 12th anniversary of swearing into the United States Army as an E1 Private (9/11/2006), I now undertake The Original Endeavor of Endeavors to Success©, as its founder, as its current editor-in-chief, as its first writer, as its first historian, and as its first war correspondent embedded on the battlefield for your minds, wallets, lives, and liberties here in the United States of America.

I will not hold back on my own opinions, no matter how controversial, and I will refrain from action or inaction simply for the sake of money, share holders, popularity, or anything of that sort.  I may lose readers, I may lose friendships, I may even lose business opportunities.  I am not here on this planet to please every single person, nor am I afraid of failure, nor am I afraid of the verdict of “guilty” in the eyes of the “court of public opinion.”  If I am not pursuing my own goals, I will have failed this entire endeavor.

Humans are more important than hardware, and if my own life, opinions, well being, and business operations are not fully conceived and successfully achieved due to a fear of reprisal, while living and working in what should be the brightest beacon of liberty on Planet Earth, then I will have failed my mission before any of us “left the wire” together to achieve it on this very real battlefield; I will have failed all of you: my readers, my fans, my investors, my comrades, my business partners, my friends, my family…myself.

What are most important to me are my own health and well being, my family, my friends, Safety Harbor, Pinellas County, the great Sunshine State of Florida, our veterans young, old, alive, or dead, and the current and future generations’ ability to successfully achieve their own Endeavors to Success© in the United States of America.

Thank you.

E. Julius Hauser
Endeavors to Success